Sunday, December 6, 2009

Building Winter WonderVille

When the Parker, Colorado Museum The Wildlife Experience needed a miniature village for their interactive Winter Wonderville exhibit, they turned to the building pros at TUFF SHED. Our Denver factory constructed multiple small buildings, ranging from the very simple to fairly custom for the project. The buildings are a main attraction in the museum’s annual holiday event, and are used for such things as a general store, kid’s workshop, concession stands, post office and even Mrs. Claus’ house. Built in 2008, the exhibit makes its annual December return this weekend.


Picture Perfect! This image is actually a painting of a building installed for a customer by our Seattle Factory in 2005. The customer, a prominent local artist, operated her art business out of this shed. Last year, she felt inspired by her garden and her TUFF SHED and painted the piece, which is featured as the "wall paper" on her website.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Installed in 2008, the TUFF SHED building survived the storm with no damage whatsoever. Athol, Idaho received over 8 feet that day. No match for TUFF SHEDS superior workmanship.

Athol, Idaho

TUFF SHED DIFFERENCE #11 - Galvanized Steel Floor Joist System

It’s STEEL so it’s TUFF! Heavy-duty, 16-gauge steel coated with zinc galvanization resists corrosion for 40 years plus. And because it’s steel, it won’t wick moisture up from the ground to the wood subfloor. That’s not the case with typical wood skid floor joists commonly used by our competitors.

TUFF SHED Wishes You a Safe AND Happy Holiday Season

TUFF SHED Wishes You a Safe AND Happy Holiday Season

Safety is a very important part of our day-to-day operations at TUFF SHED. With that in mind, we’d like to offer some common sense safety tips for around your home during this holiday season.

Bringing Trees Inside The Home

Nothing makes the house smell quite like a real evergreen tree. If you’re planning on having a real tree this year, make sure you remember to check the water levels daily. A dry tree is a dangerous fire hazard. Also, you should avoid placing the tree near any heat source.

Glass Ornaments and Heavy Decorations
If you have small children or pets, don’t forget to place glass ornaments or heavy decorations out of their reach. These brightly colored, glittery items are designed to draw attention…don’t let that attention cause injury.

Safe Use of Electricity
Be sure to practice safety with electricity too. That means not running extension cords underneath rugs or other places that could cause tripping hazards. Don’t overload single outlets with too many lights, and make sure to turn off those inside lights when you’re leaving the home.

Outside Decorations
Take good care to avoid injury while installing your exterior decorations too. Safety tips on the outside of your home include having a spotter to steady ladders, and avoiding walking on your roof. If you absolutely need to get out on the roof, make sure it’s not icy, and that you’re not getting too close to the edge. Even better yet, consider hiring a professional to handle that portion of your exterior decoration for you.