Thursday, March 25, 2010

SHED OF THE MONTH - March 2010

Just Build It! These two identical buildings are custom 6’x8’ PRO Ranch's loaded with options and built for the daughter of Nike founder Phil Knight by the crew at Store #160 (Portland). They are used to provide shelter for the customers’ turtles and are rumored to be even stronger than the turtles’ shells. Store GM Ben Grimes says “only in America” and praises RSC Charles Williams for the sale and the construction team of Jestin Collins, Shane Baltus, and Heath Parker for perfect execution of the project.


TUFF SHED will officially unveil this new product for 2010 in April. Surprisingly affordable, this PRO Tall Ranch Weekender is fashioned after our Premier PRO Tall Ranch shed, and includes a porch on the end wall. While many of our stores have been building variations of this product as custom projects for some time, the PRO Tall Ranch Weekender joins the selection a standard TUFF SHED products available only at TUFF SHED Factory Direct Retail locations.

Spring Cleaning Tips from TUFF SHED

Although the weather patterns around the country (i.e. March snowstorm in Texas!) haven’t necessarily been supporting the notion, it is officially springtime. And that means it’s time for one of the great American seasonal pastimes…Spring Cleaning!

Since spring cleaning applies to your backyard too, here are some backyard spring cleaning tips from your friends at TUFF SHED.

Inventory your backyard tools
Check the condition of the weed trimmer, lawn mower, wheel barrow, garden sheers, rake, shovel, hoses, etc. Look for extra line, sharp blades, inflated tires, rubber washers, and fill that gasoline can up at the pump. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got a couple pairs of garden gloves (without holes).

Make a To Do List
Timing is key to gardening. Making a list of timeframes for your project is a great way to ensure you don’t miss your mark. Pre-emergent weed preventing fertilizer, for instance, needs to be applied BEFORE weeds germinate. This varies based on your area and type of weed…but April is a great month to apply in almost all areas of the U.S. If you’re planting a vegetable garden, how about getting a head start by starting seeds indoors in empty egg cartons? You’ll have a jump on the growing season when you transfer your seedlings to the outside. If you’re planning on repairing some bare spots in your lawn, scatter that grass seed before the heat and dryness of summer hits. Set a date to aerate your lawn and turn that sprinkler system on. If you have a professional aerate your lawn or service your sprinkler system, its better to get on their books early. These yard pros get very busy come May.

Commit to Outdoor Storage
Make your life easier this spring, summer and beyond by having TUFF SHED install a storage building in your backyard. Imagine how great it would be to have a designated space for all your backyard tools, furniture cushions, entertaining items (can you say tiki torches?), bags of charcoal, etc.

CHECK THIS OUT- Tree vs. Shed

Tammy, a TUFF SHED customer from Maryland Heights, MO sent in this photo of a TUFF SHED building that was in the path of a falling 70-year old tree last August. Tammy wrote to us, saying she was happy to report that the TUFF SHED survived the incident with flying colors. "If our old metal shed would have still been there, it most definitely would have been flattened like a pancake! Thanks again for the TUFF SHED. I'm telling everybody I know if you're in the market for a shed, you better purchase a TUFF SHED. It's well worth the investment."