Friday, July 16, 2010


Besides our current television advertisements, TUFF SHED buildings have been featured in several national television programs recently. See below for a synopsis and links to the videos.

One TUFF Boxer! A regional sports network television advertising buy provided TUFF SHED with the added benefit of ringside signage during the 2010 Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Championships this past May in Little Rock, Ark. Pictured here is Erick Deleon of Detroit, Mich., who won the 132 pound class for his second straight Golden Gloves Championship and was named Outstanding Boxer of the entire tournament. The event has been carried across the country on various regional sports networks since then, and includes two 30-second TUFF SHED commercials during the broadcast.


Sunday Evenings on FOX
Sons of Tucson, a new comedy that airs Sunday evenings on FOX, features a dad-for-hire character who lives in a backyard shed...a TUFF SHED Premier PRO Tall Ranch that is. Click on one of the pictures to see the pilot episode.

USA Today writes this about the sitcom:
The "sons" in the title are 8-year-old Robby (Benjamin Stockham), 11-year-old Gary (Frank Dolce) and 13-year-old Brandon (Matthew Levy), on their own thanks to an absent mother and an imprisoned father. So they can stay together, they hire a homeless sporting goods salesman, Ron (Labine), to pretend to be their father — and then they force him to live in the backyard shed.

Why stick him in a shed instead of in a bedroom? Apparently because the producers think it will be endlessly hilarious to watch Ron try to scheme his way into the house, like Lucy trying to break into show business.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer recently ran a feature on Bo Shaffer and his duties packing dry ice in a Nederland, Colorado TUFF SHED building, where Bredo Morstoel's body remains frozen. The story, reported by Clayton Sandell and Sidney Wright IV can be viewed at the following link:

ABC posted the following text online:
Every month, high in the mountains of Colorado, Bo Shaffer makes an unusual delivery to an unusual customer. In the town of Nederland, packed inside a creaking shed, lies the resting place of a Norwegian man known as "Grandpa" Bredo Morstoel. He died in 1989 and has been frozen ever since.
The shed is kept at a cool minus-100 degrees.
Morstoel's grandson Trygve dreamed of coming to the small town to start a cryonics
research center. His theory was that future technology might one day bring grandpa back to life.

"They plan to rebuild the body with nanobots," Shaffer said. "Theoretically, these nanobots could rebuild an Egyptian mummy . Just add water."
The only problem is that Trygve was deported back to Norway for overstaying his visa and had to leave grandpa behind.
When the Nederland City Council found out about Grandpa Bredo in the mid-'90s, they immediately passed a law saying you couldn't keep frozen
dead bodies on your property. By that time, Grandpa had become such a local celebrity that the town made an exception, and he was allowed to stay.

So every month, for the last 15 years, Shaffer's job has been to replenish Grandpa's dry ice supply, 1,600 pounds worth. Even in death, Grandpa Bredo is helping breathe life into the local economy.
Eight years ago, Nederland created the Frozen Dead Guy Days festival
. Complete with its famous coffin races, frozen turkey bowling and "Frozen Dead Guy" look-alike contests, the festival draws approximately 10,000 tourists, which took place this year from March 5-7. Their spending helps shopkeepers survive the slow winter season."It's vital," shop owner Teresa Warren said. "This is the busiest weekend of the year. This supersedes Christmas."

March 24, 2010
A feature on political cussing featured No Cussing Club founder McKay Hatch, and showed him in front of his No Cussing Clubhouse, built by TUFF SHED. Click the following link to see the segment, which appeared on Wednesday, March 24.

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